A will is the only legal instrument which regulates the manner in which the testator’s estate will be disposed of on the death of the testator.

There are two types of wills. One can opt for a public will or a secret will. Although referred to as a ‘public will’, the content of this type of will remains undisclosed until the day of death of the testator. However third parties may find out during the lifetime of the testator that a will has been done.

A ‘secret will’ on the other hand remains undisclosed until the day of death of the testator and third parties have no way of knowing that a secret will has been made.
In the case of married couples, it is possible for them to opt for a joint will which is also referred to as an unicacharta will.

Our Service & Commitment at Laferla & Laferla (Notary Malta):
• Advice on the legal restrictions of disposing of one’s property after death
• Advice on the legal and fiscal implications of certain testamentary dispositions
• Drawing up of wills expressing precisely the testator’s wishes
• Complete confidentiality throughout the process
• Registration of wills within the time-limits stipulated by law

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