Purchasing Immovable Property

The services of a Notary are needed when purchasing an immovable property. The Notary’s role is mainly that of assisting and advising the purchaser as to the legal title of the property that is being purchased.

Our Service & Commitment at Laferla & Laferla Notaries:-

  • Upon our first meeting with the prospective buyer/s we inform the said buyers of the procedure that need to be followed during the whole process. At this stage we also seek to determine any particular issues that might be of concerning to our clients and provide advice accordingly.
  • Then we will move onto the signing of promise of sale which is a preliminary agreement between the buyer/s and seller/s.
  • Once the preliminary agreement is signed by all the parties we then order all the necessary searches and vet these searches in a diligent and timely manner to ascertain the root of title of the property to be sold.
  • Once we have vetted all the searches we will then move onto the publication of the final deed of sale, followed by the registration of the deed and payment of taxes.
  • During the whole process, we keep the prospective buyer/s updated with any developments taking place.

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